The Changing Nature of Cryptocrime

November 15, 2018

12:00 PM ET (Online)

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About the Event

The criminals of today are the same as the criminals of yesterday except they now have new technology at their disposal, enabling them to operate undetected. Without specialized techniques, investigation and compliance professionals are unable to identify bad actors who use cryptocurrencies to conduct and profit from fraud, extortion, money laundering and other illicit activity.

In this webinar, we’ll use proprietary research to review the history of cryptocurrency-enabled crime, from the infamous Mt. Gox hack to the rise of darknet markets. We’ll also cover the basics behind cryptocurrency investigations and review the methods available to compliance and investigation professionals facing this new class of risk.

Attendee learning topics:

  • The current state of cryptocurrency-enabled money laundering and other crime
  • Key challenges facing investigations into cryptocurrency-enabled crime
  • Techniques used to solve the most critical cryptocurrency investigations
  • Actions that compliance and investigation professionals can take in detecting and preventing cryptocurrency-enabled crime at their institutions

About the presenter:

Philip Gradwell - Chief Economist, Chainalysis

Philip Gradwell is the Chief Economist at Chainalysis, where his team uses a structured dataset of cryptocurrency activity to conduct economic analysis, network research, and money laundering assessments. He regularly liaises with regulators and the media. Prior to joining Chainalysis, Philip led a team of economic consultants working globally on energy system analysis and climate change economics.

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Philip Gradwell
Chief Economist

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