Chainalysis KYT (Know-Your-Transaction)

For token issuers & stablecoins

To protect against the risk of money laundering and other illicit activity, token issuers need the ability to monitor transactions across the token’s full lifecycle, from issuance to redemption—and any transaction in between.

Chainalysis KYT for Token Issuers is the compliance solution designed specifically for token issuers to comply with regulatory requirements across jurisdictions, protect their reputations, and build relationships with financial institutions.

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"KYT for Token Issuers is a compliance solution for monitoring tokens through their full lifecycle, from issuance to redemption as well as every transaction in between that involves the token."

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"The repeated knock against cryptocurrency is its volatility, and trust in stablecoins could lead the way to increased commercial use. Chainalysis KYT for stablecoins further supports this vision by raising the bar for accountability and providing compliance teams with the technology they need to meet AML requirements."

- Jonathan Levin, Co-founder & COO

full lifecycle monitoring

With Chainalysis KYT for Token Issuers, assess for risk of exposure to high risk counterparties from issuance or redemption activities, as well as additional transactions involving the token even if token issuer is not a direct counterparty to the transaction.

Real-Time Issuance and Redemption Monitoring

Via an API integration, conduct real-time screening of counterparty risk at point of issuance or redemption, with the most up-to-date information about each counterparty’s transactions.

Automated Transaction Monitoring Reports

Understand exposure to high risk activity beyond the point of issuance or redemption in order to meet the expectations of regulators and financial institutions. Incorporate the automated report into existing reporting activities or share it as a stand-alone report on a regular cadence.