Chainalysis, the blockchain analysis company, today announced the addition of ‘Certified Investigative Partners’ to their broader partnership program, which the firm launched in April. Through these partnerships, Chainalysis will work with international cryptocurrency investigative specialists to help investigators, compliance officers, analysts, and regulators perform blockchain analysis to derive actionable intelligence and data using the investigative software Chainalysis Reactor.

As a Certified Investigative Partner (CIP), companies are trained and enabled to offer investigatory services to help identify and stop bad actors who are using cryptocurrencies for illicit activity such as ransomware, darknet markets, scams, money laundering, and more. 

“Chainalysis is committed to helping our customers investigate all kinds of illicit activity, including hacks and scams, to make the industry safer for all and ultimately build trust in blockchains,” said Jason Bonds, Chief Revenue Officer, Chainalysis. “By introducing our Certified Investigative Partners, we’re continuing to expand our reach and impact around the world.” 

“Both Chainalysis and A&D Forensics are committed to promoting the safe adoption of cryptocurrencies,” said Adedeji Owonibi, Senior Partner at A&D Forensics. “By partnering with Chainalysis, we’re providing the African cryptocurrency ecosystem with the investigative technology that it needs to fully understand blockchain activity.”

“We are experiencing increased demand for cryptocurrency investigative software to help with cases involved in international cryptocurrency crime,” said Richard Sanders, co-founder and lead investigator at CipherBlade, a leading cryptocurrency investigation and forensics firm. “Chainalysis is the market leader in blockchain analysis, and we are thrilled to partner with them to provide greater access to their investigative tools.”

Currently, Chainalysis CIP partners include: Guidepost Solutions, CipherBlade, A&D Forensics, Forensik IT, C2Law, Proelium Law, and CyberSolace with more to come. As jurisdictions crack down on cryptocurrency crime, the Chainalysis CIP program meets the increased demand for robust cryptocurrency investigation solutions.

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