Chainalysis Launches Certified Training Partnership Program to Expand Cryptocurrency Certification Capabilities Worldwide

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Chainalysis, the blockchain analysis company, today announced the addition of ‘Certified Training Partners’ to its broader partnership program, which the firm launched in April. Through Certified Training Partnerships, Chainalysis will extend the reach of its proprietary Training and Certification Program by providing international industry training specialists with knowledge and skills to teach cryptocurrency fundamentals, investigative techniques using Chainalysis Reactor, and compliance methodologies using Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction). Currently, Chainalysis CTP partners include NCFTA, Blue Lights Digital, Data Expert, Gentium UK, and Abaxx Associates, with more to come.

Chainalysis has already certified over 1,400 professionals at financial institutions, government & law enforcement agencies, insurance and cybersecurity companies, and cryptocurrency businesses. Certified Training Partners (CTP) will further scale the program by delivering Chainalysis Training and Certification Programs, which teach participants how to increase their cryptocurrency knowledge, build investigative capabilities, and apply the latest compliance strategies.  Each training program delivered by a Certified Training Partner will provide hands-on practice using the tools of choice for compliance officers, analysts, and other users.

“We’re excited to launch the Chainalysis CTP program to expand our training capabilities,” said Jason Bonds, Chief Revenue Officer, Chainalysis. “These partnerships are crucial not only to meet the increasing demand for our world class cryptocurrency certification programs, but also to  share knowledge in how digital assets work, teach the power of blockchain analysis tools, and ultimately build trust in the cryptocurrency industry. With cryptocurrency and blockchain technology entering the mainstream, ensuring widespread understanding of the technology is crucial for its safe and successful adoption.” 

“We continue to see a large demand from both the public and private sectors for professional cryptocurrency training and certification programs. Partnering with Chainalysis provides our member base a terrific outlet to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain analysis, while understanding their practical applications,” said Chris Stoddard, Director of Operations, NCFTA.

“Chainalysis is the market leader in blockchain education, and we are thrilled to partner with them to provide greater access to their solution suite,” said Mark Laing, Technical Intelligence Director, Blue Lights Digital. “By offering Chainalysis training programs, we’re helping the wider ecosystem learn best practices to identify and stop bad actors who are using cryptocurrencies for illicit activity such as ransomware, darknet markets, scams, money laundering, and more. 

Chainalysis will provide Certified Training Partners with a comprehensive onboarding program that covers beginner to advanced cryptocurrency fundamentals, an in-depth review of the Chainalysis solution suite, and best practice-oriented training guides. Before they can start, CTP partners are required to pass all existing Chainalysis Training and Certification Programs and complete a mock training with the team. Once certified, CTP partners can host their own Chainalysis certification courses, use Chainalysis products, and participate in regular business reviews with a dedicated point of contact from the Chainalysis Training Team.

Media Contact for Chainalysis:

Maddie Kennedy

Director of Communications

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